About Alli


I’m a fifth generation South Carolina girl; my parents live on a few acres of land that’s been in our family for over a hundred years.  I know without a doubt Jesus has given me purpose in this one life He’s given me, and I hope you have discovered that too.  I’ve known my husband since we were 8.  He grew up down the street from me but we never dated until we were in our late twenties.  Our daughters’ middle names come from 2 rivers that run through South Carolina: Harleigh Cooper and Paisleigh Savannah.  We live on the coast of South Carolina and I feel so blessed to live in a place with a backdrop of scenery that literally takes my breath away.

My personality is a bit of an oxymoron. I love nature but crave city life.  You can catch me in jeans and t shirts 90% of the time, but I love fashion.  My girls are dressed better than me most of the time because I’m in those early years of motherhood when throwing my hair up and applying my mascara is a success during the weekdays.

I wear many hats and I am honestly floored at the big ways God shows up in my life and how He has turned my messes into a redeeming success.  I’m a speech-language pathologist on paper, a University of South Carolina alum, a stay-at-home mom and wife by choice, writer, and photographer.  I read somewhere that God craves our big prayers because they require faith: those part the Red Sea and moving mountains prayers.

Our life is pretty much a hustle during the week, and this blog is my attempt at pausing to capture the sweet moments. Our weekends are for adventuring: work hard to play hard.  The greatest regret of mine would be to miss the purpose of this life we are given…to get to the end and have flashbacks of everything I missed or everything that should have been.

Whether you just stumble upon this page once or you come back from time to time to read my thoughts, you’re a friend of mine.  Just the same…whether we exchange “hey” on the street or thoughts over coffee…my prayer is this.  I pray you take time to pause…to thank  the God who loves you in countless ways…and that you live the purpose you were created for.   
That is the greatest accomplishment.

I’m a stay at home mom, full time wife, juggling a part time career as a speech-language pathologist, this blog, and tons of thoughts bouncing around in my head.

Pull up a chair, grab a cup of coffee, and stay a while…I plan to do just that.

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